Tuscarora Mills

Bedford, Pennsylvania   EST. 2020

1-19 yards 20-99 yards 100- 999 yards
#336-bl             (12 osy) $38.50 $32.50 $28.25

#336-bl Hemp Warp Dyed & Organic Cotton 3/1 Twill American Selvedge Denim (12 OSY)

Hemp and Organic Cotton 3/1 twill raw selvedge American denim woven on vintage Draper looms and crafted from European long fiber wet spun yarn and USDA Organic Cotton. Strong and supple.
Weight - 12 oz. sq. yd.
Width - 34"  .                                      

Color - Blue warp dyed hemp yarn
Fiber - European Hemp, Organic USDA Cotton

Fabric supply chain:
Fiber grown in France, Texas
Yarn spun in Europe, North Carolina
Dyeing in North Carolina
Weaving in Pennsylvania
Greige, raw unwashed fabric