Tuscarora Mills

Bedford, Pennsylvania   EST. 2020

Tuscarora Mills

American made Hemp, Flax, & Cotton Fabric ​​
Eco – Friendly Fabric | USA Woven

Vintage raper loom

Made in the USA

Tuscarora Mills weaves fabric made from natural fiber in America. Our work supports the renewal of a US textile supply chain.

From the field to the mill, we draw upon domestic growers, processors, spinners, dyers and finishers to produce eco-friendly fabric of quality, value, and beauty. ​



Natural fiber from plants and animals has served the needs of civilization for 10,000 years.

Today, Tuscarora Mills uses natural cellulose-based fiber from hemp, flax and organic cotton plants in addition to animal-based wool, mohair and silk protein fiber to weave our long-lasting biodegradable

Our Products

Our products serve the apparel, home goods, and industrial markets for makers, designers, and manufacturers.

Hemp Fabric

Organic Cotton USDA

Flax Linen